November 2017 archive EFT Giveaway

Congratulations to all the Winners Edge of Darkness Crofty7 Drogir dziko1 evilbammo MrAnlebuj MrJokerun RAKoorsag Saurox Timuka3T verlenim And the other winners of Escape From Tarkov   Read more at   Read more at Read more at is giving away pre-order keys for Escape from Tarkov worth a total of …

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CS2D Top Down Multi-Player Free on Steam

For those of you that like a fast paced shooter to pass the time on patch days!! CS2D is a top down shooter based on Counter-Strike and is free on Steam to add to your collection. Link =

Patch 0.4.1.** – the preliminary patch notes

We are pleased to present to your attention a preliminary list of changes to the patch 0.4.1.**, which we plan to release in the near future. The primary focus of this patch is optimizing the network component of the game and making it more reliable. NO WIPE THIS TIME. Added: The night version of the …

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Scav Bashing

A little fun on woods scav hunting

EFT Patch Notes

Fellow Escapers! You have all waited for this day! I am happy to announce the latest update for the Escape from Tarkov beta testing phase is now live! Please restart your launchers so it can download the new update. THERE WAS A WIPE! Czech translation here Added over 70 new items, including: AK-systems now …

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Games Played

About UwG

The histroy of United World Gamers =UwG= After Moving from command and conquer game I started playing unreal tournament 2003 with some friend and then shortly after we Joined Silent Soliers ~SS~ (link ) Soon after joining and getting setup the core leadership shuts down the clan. So sometime in Mid 2003 I donaramu, …

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