EFT Patch Notes

Fellow Escapers!
You have all waited for this day! I am happy to announce the latest update for the Escape from Tarkov beta testing phase is now live! Please restart your launchers so it can download the new update.
Czech translation here
Added over 70 new items, including:
AK-systems now have spare gas tubes. Thanks to that, the customization potential of AK (including Vityaz SMG) has significantly increased
New 7.62×39 ammo
New 5.56×45 ammo
New 366 TKM ammo
New barter articles
New headwear
Kolpak 1S shockproof helmet
Module 3M body armor
Pilgrim travel backpack (5×7)
Wartech load bearing equipment (TV-109, TV-106) (2×2, 1×2, 1×2, 1×1,1×1)
Armytek Predator Pro v3 XHP35 HI flashlight
SKS-OP added for sale
Rail mounts for modding handguards of LVOA and other Key Mod
New Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 optical sight
Added blind-fire functionality (Alt+W to shoot above cover, Alt+D to shoot from the side)
added function of folding/unfolding stock (ALT+L). Weapon behavior and characteristics change, but size of occupied cells is the same, for now. Available on AKS74U, AKS74UB, AKS74UN, Vityaz, Saiga 12K, Kedr, Kedr-B and Klin
added full system of gestures and commands. Commands now bound to controls keys. Dynamic commands

Will be added within 24 hours after the update:
VPO-209 (civilian version of AK)
VPO-136 (civilian version of AK)
Important! VPO-209 only fires TKM ammo. TKM cartridges can be loaded into standard AK magazines, but neither AKM, nor VPO-136 can fire them in this case.
DVL 10 M1 “SABOTEUR” with silencer
Some of the new weapon body kits

AI improvements:
Adjusted AI hearing
Bots now have the chance to see the grenade thrown at them and try to run away
Changed vegetation colliders for AI sight. Now bots will see through vegetation correctly.
Bots react to bullets that fly near them
Fixed bug of bots not throwing grenades
Added new spawn spots
Bots can start tracking you now
Expanded bot patrol zones
Changed the mechanics of bots aiming at particular body parts
Bots now use flashlights at night
If player uses a flashlight, the chance of being spotted by bots increases

Optimization of RAM
Optimization of Customs location
Fixed one of the problems causing memory leak
Optimization of traffic
Fixed part of the cases causing freezes

Bug where melee weapons caused no damage with fast hit (double hit of melee weapon button when equipped with other weapons)
Bug on quest fail during raid
Bug in which could use the quest item in raid even if it was placed in offline quest stash
Bug of remains of kicked-down doors preventing character movement
Quest “Stirrup” can no longer be completed by suicides
Problems associated with sounds, when they were either not played or not played correctly
Now, when switching from optics to reflex sight, mouse sensitivity changes
Bug that marked quest as failed in case of reentering the game
Visual bug that shown grenade still in hand during and after the throw
Bug that sometimes prevented character from moving up to interactive objects
Bug that lets you chamber more than one round
Bug allowing to install weapon mod within itself (in the Inspector through the context menu)
Bug that prevented the number of shotgun shells in store from updating on reload
Bug that allowed you to pick up items through the doors
Visual bug which does not play the animation of Saiga 12k mag checking
Visual bug displaying weight in the trade window
Removed the ability to modify weapon mods in the trade window
Bug that, upon changing the FOV in the game settings, but not applying it, changed the size of the moon in optics and aim down weapons
Bug where environment sounds on Shoreline location have not changed from the sound settings of the game
Bug that affected optics reticle texture quality when changing texture quality in settings
Partially fixed ability to loot through doors

Other changes and additions:
When using the medication through quick access, the logic of the application is now as follows.
First aid kits, application in order of precedence:
Applied to the most damaged part of the body except those with 0 health
If some body parts are bleeding and a first aid kit removes it, the most damaged bleeding body part is selected
Foot fractures are treated in the first place, hands in the last
The rest of priorities depend on negative effects and whether the effects are present
Other medicines: Applied to the most damaged part of the body, with a negative effect that is eliminated by this medicine

Now ammo can affect the parameters of weapon accuracy and recoil
Eliminating negative effect (such as bleeding, fracture) with a first-aid kit now also depletes its capacity
Changed characteristics of ammo. Now the difference is more evident
The number and height of grass at open locations
Fixed the amount of experience for different character actions in the raid
Balancing adjustments of traders, goods and their barter schemes
Adjusted prices for a number of items
Adjusted ammo prices, damage, penetration, etc.
Fixed and added new item spawn points, containers
New mechanics of damage to the missing parts of the body. Now destroyed limbs (hands, feet) do not kill the player with shock, but damage received by them is multiplied by 2 and distributed over other parts of the body. Chest and head are still considered lethal areas.
With abdomen destroyed, a character can no longer eat or drink.
Increased freedom of head rotation in free look
Increased recoil of M4A1
Reduced brightness of grenade explosion
Corrected some of the rain effects
Adjusted cost of insurance
Added new ricochet sounds
Lowered chance of secondary bleeding
Adjusted medkits HP capacities
Reduced density of volumetric fog from flashlights
Increased draw distance of surface hit effects
New setting of image sharpness (Sharpen) the Graphics settings
Fixed ballistic eyewear model
Added effects to destroyed hands (tremors, increased stamina consumption)
Shot clicks are now overlapped by obstacles
The sounds of outdoor gunfire now sound as shooting in an open space. And vice versa.
Increased volume of item usage sounds
Fixed and added back the Punisher part 6 quest
Added a new Scav head
Using several medikits or medicines at the same time is now impossible
Added splash screen on loading
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