Ban hammer drops. Escape From Tarkov.

Dear friends, we recognize your anxiety concerning the unfair players so hereby we would like to explain how the anti-cheat works:

  • There no waves of bans, they take place every day.
  • You can be sure all the cheaters will be banned.
  • Bans for using bugs or exploits are not applicable.
  • There are no bans “for no special reason”, for items looting or using the software that is not forbidden.

Below you can find the list of players banned during last two days.

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HungryDuck (Bear)
Server-Desync (Usec)
Viper1989 (Usec)
DMT-tripping (Bear)
Slappy (Usec)
BrainsyK (Usec)
Topgan (Usec)
Michael_S (Bear)
Inevitable (Bear)
Poloski (Bear)
F1rst0ne98 (Usec)
Synikal_Gaming (Usec)
Zertul (Usec)
Razoxz (Usec)
Kane_357 (Usec)
BaronYeh (Usec)
Heretic_ (Usec)
Makagon (Bear)
IBashU (Bear)
CHECK11 (Usec)
stunnnnnnnnnnna (Bear)
Kario1337 (Usec)
KingAndy (Bear)
Scirca (Usec)
IndirectlyK (Usec)
CBRU-KingCon (Bear)
HateHate (Usec)
Xudongsheng (Bear)
Simon_Riley (Bear)
141azrael (Bear)
Miggs (Usec)
Gatorr (Usec)
Its_DeadBoy (Usec)
Lozioelfo (Bear)
nanaminagi (Bear)
Tenebrae (Usec)
GOOSD (Usec)
hiro200 (Usec)
Topsi-tops (Bear)
Ebola (Usec)
Rec01L (Usec)
Z1Chigga-Jz (Usec)
Jesse_James (Bear)
Yeb (Usec)
Gandjubas (Usec)
ganjinplayer10 (Usec)
TaylorRVLN (Usec)
Berr (Usec)
skylleur (Usec)
Dudensack23 (Usec)
WhitwMike (Bear)
WhiteDynamite (Usec)
GeneralFredQC (Usec)
Mulch (Usec)
SMF_Wakefield (Bear)
Goksel_bozz (Usec)
flushyflush (Usec)
Falcon1-1 (Usec)
FlabbeRiFiC (Usec)
ryk_Sako (Usec)
LarryHotdogs (Usec)
Daretos (Bear)
Trungar (Usec)
Terryfoldflaps (Bear)
Pappel (Usec)
Pan_Klic (Usec)
xXQuickscopeXx (Usec)
McCracken71 (Usec)
Spooon (Bear)
rhythms (Usec)
Kleaticus (Usec)
Soupernat (Usec)
INoEnglish (Usec)
HadesDean (Usec)
scottii (Usec)
OrangeLion (Usec)
Keystone1 (Usec)
SamiAm (Usec)
ibimsunix (Usec)
Waffle_mZk (Usec)
Revelation (Usec)
Vossen (Bear)
CO6P_Autistic (Usec)
SleepySir (Usec)
ThisGame5ucksDE (Usec)
Arigatodesu (Usec)
SparKy (Usec)
Topixx (Usec)
torkovman (Bear)
madroce (Usec)
Blushy (Usec)
Schnack (Usec)
JackieXan (Bear)
Vida033 (Usec)
Xentran (Bear)
Tortooga (Usec)
justinl (Usec)
Manieks (Usec)
Nebulae (Usec)
HobbsTheGoodest (Bear)

We kindly ask you refrain from posting the print screens of statistics with a view to blame someone for cheating as far as it cannot be considered to be the evidence. Also please don’t share videos, links to sites of forbidden software producers and any information regarding forbidden software since it is the abuse of forum regulations.

Ban for cheating is permanent, the decisions made are not to be reconsidered. Together with the ban of user account the player is to be permanently banned in the game forum.

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