New spawn system to test in Escape From Tarkov

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A bit of an explanation on the new system of deployment and extraction which is going to be included into this update.

All locations (except Factory) are now going to offer an opportunity to select the spawn zone – on condition of having the location map in inventory – and for each zone there are going to be corresponding extraction points. Some of them will be permanent, some temporary, some may be open at particular time, some may be closed. Some may require particular items to evacuate, some may have limitations on the number of persons to be extracted, etc. Scavs are going to get their own extraction points too, i.e. every Scav player will have individual set of extraction points, though range of choices will be greater than PMCs are going to have. All of that will be accompanied by additional explanations in the raid.

In this update, the system is going to be tested, adjusted and, come the need, redesigned – your game experience will be thoroughly reviewed and considered!

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