Escape From Tarkov Hotfix Updated 30/Dec/2017 20.00GMT

It’s unexpected but we released one more small hotfix

-fixed flooding error with dynamix decals
-fixed bug with missing loaded ammo before the raid
-fixed critical load error (cartridge error)
-altered key spawns chances


We started to upload the hotfix

– Fixed errors that caused disconnects in particular conditions
– Scope zeroing error with non-standard FOV
– Scopes visuals fix
– Fixed errors that occurred on destruction of hands holding melee or throwable weapons
– Fixed display of composite items at traders’
– Fixed errors on death/kill
– Fixed errors with dynamic decals leading to FPS drops
– Removed matching queue limitation that caused error 605
– Fixed server crashes on reload
-Visual improvements of thermal scope
– Fixed critical backend error related to ammo loading


We are ready to upload new hotfix
patch notes:
1. Ammunition info window now features a separate caliber field
2. Optimized insurance price request
3. Looting sound is now emitted from the center of a looted object
4. Looting sound volume decreased
5. Fixed problem with disappearing movement noise
6. Fixed the painkiller consumption error that occurred while armed with melee weapons


Attention! We started the upload of hotfix At first we will update the client, after that – the servers.
At this period of time the game can work with interruptions.

Patch notes:
– fix of the server errors that caused hang-up at the Awaiting Session screen
– Smuggler’s Boat extraction point is now displayed on the map;
– For convenience of identification dogtags now have enemy nicknames as item name instead of just “Dogtag”;
– Correct chat display of “care package” sent to player if total worth of items in inventory is less than 20000 RUB;
– Fixed pivot points for some items;
– Correct display of timer for chance extraction points;
– Healing and looting notifications are now shown in online game;
– Fixed vegetation shader;
– Close option will no longer be displayed with dead body/jacket;
– Various fixes of the game server
– Fixed incorrect visuals of flare on one of the Customs extraction points;
– Fixed incorrect season of the year in weather settings (the daytime was too short);
– All sights and scopes are by default set to minimum zeroing distance;
– Potential fixes of noiseless steps problem;
– Fixes of visual distortion of lines in reflex sights;
– Balancing fixes of loot tables and AI equipment;
– Other fixes and optimizations.

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