Preliminary Patchnotes

Hello, Escapers! We present to you the preliminary patch notes.


  • Redesigned door interaction, the doors open and close faster now


  • Physics processing optimization


  • Bug that changed the size of weapons according to changes in FOV
  • Fixed night vision device visuals with FOV 75
  • Bug that prevented trader trust level from instantly unlocking and range of goods from expanding immediately when the trust level up conditions were met
  • Bug that prevented the flare effect when character was facing direct laser sighting device ray
  • Correct experience gained upon quest completion
  • Correct display of cash remaining in stash while trading
  • Bug that made it impossible to leave something in the same spot where something was already left by somebody else
  • Various fixes of visuals on locations
  • Introduced several fixes to issues that were causing errors in the game client


  • Trader menu can now be opened by clicking anywhere in the trader info frame
  • Open container windows (with contents of backpacks, vests etc) now can’t be moved outside the screen
  • Tomahawk swinging depletes stamina now
  • Changed BEAR character T-shirt color

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