Q&A about 2018 development plans

Escapers! We collected questions from the gaming community and answered the most interesting of them.

Question: Will the characters without protective equipment choke on the smoke and cough, thereby exposing themselves?
Answer: Yes
Question: Can we get more details about the personal quests? Will the new quests replace the already available or expand them?

Answer: these are additional quests, a sort of your personal investigation of the situation. Their start will be triggered by finding certain items, reading notes etc. However, performing the regular quests may lead to branching into personal quests as well.
Question: Any significant staff expansion planned in 2018?

Answer: we are expanding steadily, the core staff is already recruited.
Question: The 2018 plans do not include many of the features that were announced previously Does that mean they were waived or they just were not mentioned in those plans?

Answer: just not mentioned. All previously announced plans stay.
Question: Can you tell which of the gameplay features will make it into the game first?

Answer: time-consuming reloading of magazines, animations for use of medicines and consumables, Scav bosses and the flea market — these are some of the features that are now a priority.
Question: When do we expect the transition to a new version of the engine? Does this mean that optimization works for the old version will be suspended?

Answer: these two are totally unrelated working directions. Optimizations will continue as planned. Although we intend to move to Unity 2018, we’ll do it after the current version is optimized and reliable.
Question: Will there be a chance that the Scav boss is being controlled by player?
Answer: Yes
Question: Will the appearance customization get unlock at traders’ based on reputation (like in case of weapons and mods), or it will be available immediately (i.e., on the first level of reputation)?

Answer: there will be a specific trader who will offer the choice and purchase of clothing as a service.

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