Patch and Wipe Preliminary patchnotes 0.8.0.**

Dear Escapers,
We are pleased to present the preliminary patch notes! We thank all of you for your patience and hope you enjoy the changes!
There will be a wipe!
Basic tutorial
Loading and unloading ammo rounds now requires time
Now, the character doesn’t initially know the number of cartridges in the magazine. Check the magazine to see the ammo remaining. Check precision depends on the Mag Drills skill
A full description of the expected behavior: Click HERE to read more
New skill Mag Drills
Speeds up ammo loading
Speeds up ammo unloading
Speeds up magazine checks in inventory
Elite levels allow you to automatically check the mag when you move it in inventory, and make loading even faster
Black version of Ops Core Fast helmet
Visor toggle mechanics with all audio and visual effects and protection
A new type of reward for quests completion – unlocking items for purchase
A new type of trade barter – for dogtags.
A new type of tactical vest, with armor plates
Antialiasing options (2x, 4x) in graphics settings

New location

New equipment
A wide range of new mods, gear and armor. We will provide more detailed list of equipment later.
AI Improvements:
Fixed bug when bots were trying to attack the player who exited location

Optimization of Shoreline location
Client and server optimizations for handling physics
Reduced network latency

Inventory synchronization bugs
Bug that allowed to quickly press sprint button thus moving faster without draining the character’s stamina
Bug with getting damage when falling on a destroyed legs
Various fixes to the current skills
Generated set of scav exits at Factory that were always closed/required a key. Now there is at least one exit that doesn’t require a key.
Correct display of the current armor state over the network
Twisted hands of killed characters
Various bugs related to sound audibility over great distances
The lower left corner of the weapon icon now shows its caliber
If you examine an item at dealer or on the body, the equivalent item in the inventory will now get known automatically
Examining now goes in parallel on client and server (formerly required a response from the server)
Bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the mag
Bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the pile of the same ammo in your inventory
Kill List works offline now
Armor customization window now displays the resulting armor characteristics according to the installed armor mods.

All mod slots in Weapons inspector are now displayed on one screen without scrolling
Additional exceptions to installation of mods on weapons and equipment
Rebalance of trader unlock conditions
Ammo rebalance (specifications, prices, levels of loyalty)
Rebalance of the items’ value, their characteristics, the occupied cells (weapons, armor, mods, gear)
Adjusted chances of items’ spawn on locations
Partially redesigned rewards for quests
Removed skill rollback
Added missing numeric values to weapons characteristics
Improved rendering of weapons in modification mode
Bitcoins can now be stored in money cases
The flashlight light ray (cookie) was replaced with a more convenient one
Fixed PMCs spawn points at Factory
Changed first Skier quest “Supplier”
The movement of weapons and hands when turning became more lifelike and more tied to weight and weapons’ ergonomics
Helmet damage mechanics – modular hit zones (including face area)
Redesigned the sounds of movement on thin metal
Basic recoil increased by 20%
Different sound settings for active headphones (item)
Interface adjustments to improve the readability of texts
Chance to get a fracture when hit increased 10%
Chance to get a fractured after fall increased 20%
Aimpunch is strongly reduced
Mods now have various micro-icons

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