Patch Anti Cheat Update =D

Dear players, the interim update we have recently announced will be divided between two patches, 8.5 and 8.6. Today we are glad to introduce you the first interim patch There will be NO WIPE with this update.

Anticheat system update
Fixed pistol container glitches
Fixed secure container glitches
Fixed item transfer hotkeys
AI Scavs now don’t snap shoot at players who took cover behind a wall
Selling non-empty containers is now prohibited (including barter)
Quest changes:
In quests that required long item grinding, added ability to turn them in partially, not all at once (with few exceptions).
Removed all timed conditions, difficulty adjusted by increasing current task requirements.
Heavy armor Ragman quest conditions were toned down, now you need to bring one piece in mint condition and one under 50% durability.
Introduced the dogtag level limitations to some of the quests that previously allowed any dogtags.

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