The histroy of United World Gamers =UwG=
After Moving from command and conquer game I started playing unreal tournament 2003 with some friend and then shortly after we Joined Silent Soliers ~SS~ (link http://silentsoldiers1.tripod.com/enter.htm ) Soon after joining and getting setup the core leadership shuts down the clan. So sometime in Mid 2003 I donaramu, naplam and Dynasty founded United World Gamers. No real date for our start is remembered so we just made it 9/25/2003 other then it was in mid 2003 before halo PC came out.. After much talking we agreed to move our new community to Halo PC and I donaramu made United World Gamers first website( looks like shit)
I was only 19 at the time,naplam was 16 and dynasty was 22. We started off as a small group of friends and over the years had one of the best records in the halo community and are still known to this day. After about a Year in Halo PC/CE and Unreal Tournament 2004 our community started moving out into other games. Near the end of 2004 a good % of us started scriming and pubbing in Counter Strike: Source along with Call Of Duty 1&2..
Keeping the core of our community based around Halo we still reached out into other games over the years
UT2k3 Started UwG 2003
Halo pc/ce 2003-2009-Leagues: kw,hpt,+ others/tournaments. Very well known to this day
UT2k4: 2004-2005- Leagues: GGL,Didnt stay long it was basically ut2k3
Halo 2 Xbox: 2004-2005 Founded by Knuggz.. I don hate xbox but i played it.
CS:S: 2004-2007-Founded by poowee,Blank-Leagues kw,fun based Group
Cod2:2005-2006 scrims only/fun based, not known outside of the kw community
BF2: 2005-2007-Founded by Knuggz No scrims, No Leagues. Not Known, Community Pubbers
Guildwars2005-2008- Founded by Drpain and donaramu. UwG’s 1st RPG game as a community and it was great!
The New Testament
In late 2008 Gaming was getting in the way of my life(don). At that time IlbI and Blank requested temp leadership of United World Gamers. Trusting and knowing they were mature and generally great people I stepped to the side and left United World Gamers in their hands…If the info is right They ran United World Gamers sometime from the end of 2008 to mid 2009. records are unclear. Yet from my understanding they ran a halo pc and css team.
After i got everything together(married and moved to a new state) I don reopened United World Gamers on the first month of 2010 Sadly most of the oldschool United World Gamers were MIA or spread out in many games. Checking for members in the old halo community UwG got a few hits from old friends and ex members. then we skyrocketed into MW2 out reaching to many old and new members.
For the next few months we played for fun and then once we got a team together we entered TWL. reaching high in their ladders, 5v5snd #3,and 1st and 2nd in HC SND for 5v5 and 3v3. within the next year Black ops came out and we moved to that. Within a few months most of us knew black ops wasnt for us. for about half of 2011 United World Gamers has been game jumping waiting for Battlefield 3 which is believed by me(don) to be the next best move for United World Gamers as a community..
Games from 2010
Codmw2: 2010-2011- leagues twl.
Codbo: 2010-2011- leagues twl
Other then that members are playing randomly
hon,lol,mc,tf2,css,halo,bl,l&g,bfbc2,coh,wow and prob other games i dont know about..
Our next push is BattleField 3.